Monday, January 24, 2011

I Hate Annoying Person

It's i'm bad.. But believe me i really hate annoying person.. Sorry to say but it's the true. 

Sometimes i try my best to not hate people, but we can't stop pretend like nothing happen or ignore our feeling to somebody. Sometimes i try my best to talk or not think too much about that but i can't. Ya Allah, please forgive me and so with the person. Do know why i have this feeling.
So, people out there don't b like me ok. It not good 2 have feeling like but i'm just a human, tak lari dari dosa kan. Huhuhu, please la person2 yg alwaz make me feel so annoying stop act like dat. Example person dat annoying me....... i think i don't have to tell la. What if the person read and suddenly sentap, wah payah tue.
Is't annoying is same with busy body? Watever la, for me both i don't like. Whether you annoying me or my close one i also cannot accept. Sorry...

So sorry to who i hurt before this...

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