Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend GetAway !!!!!

Hi there... Lately i've been quite busy to update my blog..Sometimes i pernah terlupa dat i 've blog..Yuhuuu, can be like dat ker? Hehehehe.. 

Oh well, today is one of those day yg i rasa excited to story something with u guys. We start last weekend punya getaway...  Yeeeehaaaa... Dapat bercuti with suami n budak tecik is the best thing la. Far far far away from all the thing yang memeningkan kepala..Hehehehe.. So, where we go???
Hehehehe...Just Cameron Highlands.. So enjoy the picture there ya...:)

Me with si tecik...:)

Big Red Farm 

Yummy....Yum Yum

Fresh from the farm..

P/S : Just layan the picture, no story such as i say early..hehehe