Monday, December 20, 2010

Please Go Away Flu and Fever..

Xoxoxoxo.. In a bad condition.. I got flu and fever yesterday.. so tired,so depressed, so many so la 4 the conclusion..I'm try my best 2 not fall sick, but we can't stop things from happening if its meant rite.. Maybe i'm so hard on Sunday helping my mother in law and my mak sedar give the bunga telur n goddies beg to the guests at wedding my husband punya paksu... Even tired but i'm so hapy coz i still can help them.. Of coz la agak segan if i just sitting and watching okay.. Dah la i cam elate an dat day ( actually it's not my falsela, my hubby yang wake up late coz dia sakit perut walhal saya dah kejutkan dia since 7 am lagi) so very la tak manis kan if i tk wat apa2...

Before the kenduri, saya dah plan want to snap pictures as much as i can, unfortunately 1 pictures pun i tak snap.. say nak amik pic but i don’t have much time coz so busy menjaga tender bunga telur..hehehe.. So, sory coz no picture here..

Bila time kenduri camnie, mmg you can meet the others relatives la...Compare with my family, my hubby punya relatives mmg ramai..Sometimes you can forget their name even you just meet them on Hari Raya Haji before..hehehehe n dat is me, a person dat alwaz forget people name. Maybe i got shot memory to remember people name.. Sometimes when i going out someone came and say hai to me, my mind alwaz say who dat guys, wait2 i know her but wat his name..It;s alwaz happen to me..hehehehe..

One of my hubby punya cousin got some bad new which make me feel simpati with her.. she just miscarriage 2 day before.. You know so sad when see her face dat try so hard to cover her tears when people ask.. But i can see her eye yang dah mula berkaca.. Sometimes people got 1 problem, they alwaz want to ask or know what happen without thinking what the person feel..Ya, it's good to ask to show your care but why don't just wait sampai perasaan org tue reda sikit.. Kesian dengan perasaan dia coz from i heard she really want the..
 baby untuk jadi kawan kepada anak dia yang sulung.. Ya Allah, really hope dat it's will not happen to me..

The best part of coz la the lauk kenduri, you know kenduri yang make by gotong royong nie the taste of the meals is very delicious even just 2 or 3 dishes only.. Maybe when we do gotong royong the they cook with full of heart and honestly make the meals so yummy even just a simple menu..

After back, my body and head so sakit.. Wake up the next day, don't have energy to go work so tell my hubby just want to rest at home.. Today feeling much better even the flu and cough still ada.. Hopefully i'll recover soon.. Amin..


  1. Ala cianye ko demam.. cepat2 sembuh nye mama fiza hehe

  2. tq semua sbb doakan fiza..Amin